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Anaconda [fanfic-oneshot]

Why I like asian men...

Yesterday I was with my new friends and i put some kpop music for them to listen as none of them listen to kpop ^_^. While listening we were also watching the music video of the song (and i was singing both lyrics and fanchant >.<). After it was finished a girl asked me "Do you really like asians as men?". Well I couldn't give her a full answer (cuz she would freak out with all those kyaas >.<) so i just said a plain yes ^_^. So here I would like to post my full answer of WHY i like asian men... 
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They are so.... Gorgeous~~ 

So as for my friend i really wish she could see this... Maybe then she would understand why i like them so much~ ^_^

Happy 6th Super Junior Anniversary~!!

I am way too happy right now~~~ Happy 6th SuJu anniversary everyone~~ <3 

This is our video project as Greek ELFs not only for Super Junior's sixth anniversary but generally to show our love and support to Super Junior~~ <3

Super Junior rocks~ !! ELF rocks~~~ <3 Saranghae~~ <3 Greek ELF LOVE SUPER JUNIOR~~ <3 <3 <3 <3


Well it's about 5am and i'm still up

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Guess now I'm off to make another try to sleep~ Good night~ (or better good morning >.<) or anyway have a wonderful day/night as captain Siwon says ^_^. 

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Hello there~!!

This post should have been the first post but i really wanted to post my ff first >.<
Anyway since i'm new here let me introduce myself~ 

1) Μy nickname as you see is Nabi, which means butterfly in korean, and my real name is Marie.

2) English isn't my mother tongue so i may sometimes say things that makes no sense ^^

3)  I love Korean and Japan. This means i also love kpop and jrock~

4) DBSK was the first kpop band i ever listen to and made me fall in love with both them and Korea.

5) Super Junior is my favorite band. Although i have many things to learn about them i try my best to be a good ELF ^_&

6) There is a site i, sometimes, play music to.

7) Generally i listen to many bands as b2st, big band, ft island, cnblue, shinee, 4 minute, 2ne1 .......

8) I love movies~ (my favorites are romanctic and horro movies)

9) I love yaoi and bl movies.

10) And also i love anime too~~ ^_^

11) I watch many asian dramas~

12) Apart from the above i love spending time with friends, learning about the past (it's a nice way to say i'm a history freak >.<), trying to learn on my own korean, dreaming about traveling around the world, trying to sing and dance (i suck in both of these and i know but this doen't stop me >.<)

13) I am very shy when i meet someone new. But when i feel comfortable with him i star talking nonstop >.< (i'm a bit too talkative ^_^).

14) I'm very protective with things i cosider valuable to me.

15) I love chocolate and strawberries~ 

16) When going out i'd prefer a place where i can talk with the other people rather than a place with loud music (except if it's a kpop party >.<)

17) oh i almost forgot... I love all suju and DBSK pairings~~ My fav is yewook as you may notice >.< 

I guess these are (not) everything about myself but i really don't know what else to write~ >.> I'm not really good at presenting myself ^_^

                                                                         ^ guess this is exactly how i was while writing this post >.<


Wet but clean [Fanfic-oneshot]

Title: Wet but clean
Pairing: Yewook (Jongwoon/Ryeowook)
Genre: romance, smut
Rating: nc-17

Ryeowook comes back home just to find the love of his life, Jongwoon, waiting eagerly for him.Collapse )